Electrostatic Protective Film

AFT’s specialty is static protection film, a film used to prevent static buildup, usually consisting of thin film layers with good electrical conductivity. It can effectively prevent the accumulation and release of static electricity, thus effectively protecting electronic products from static electricity damage. The electrostatic protective film is characterized by anti-static function, high transparency, strong wear resistance, good electrostatic shielding effect, moderate softness, easy lamination, good environmental protection, and a wide range of application scenarios. Electrostatic protective film is widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, digital cameras, medical equipment, aerospace, military equipment and other fields that require high electrostatic protection. The raw materials of electrostatic protective film include polyethylene (PE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), aluminum oxide (Al2O3), etc. Electrostatic protective film is a material used to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, and the electrostatic protective film can effectively protect electronic products from electrostatic damage. The electrostatic protective film has strong wear resistance, good adhesion, and high transparency. The electrostatic protective film can be widely used in various electronic products. AFT Protective Film is a professional electrostatic protective film manufacturer and service provider in China. If you need to know the quotation of electrostatic protective film, you can contact us by email carlgu@aftfilm.com+86-1988-642-8737!

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